Me in 1984 holding my treasured Star Dance Sindy.

Sindy the teenage fashion doll was launched in the UK in 1963, but she was introduced to me in 1980 when I was given a ballerina Sindy for Christmas.  My love affair for all things Sindy carried on throughout my childhood.  I longed for all the trendy outfits and realistic accessories to adorn my expanding collection of dolls and huge Sindy house.

Photo taken from Sindy brochure, 1984

Photo taken from Sindy brochure, 1984

The photographs in the catalogues, annuals and magazines mesmerised me.  Sindy looked real to me and years later these photographs influenced my work when I created the photo stories and posters for Sindy Magazine.

During her time Sindy has worn outfits inspired by Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood, and in the 80’s she had a range of eveningwear designed by the Emmanuels who created Princess Diana’s wedding dress.  She rested on Conran-inspired furniture, drove a top-of-the-line Range Rover and had all the playsets a girl could wish for including a real working hair salon.  She really was the doll who had it all!  Many of the dolls, outfits, playsets and accessories were so well-made that they can be found in great condition from auction sites and charity shops today.

Sindystyle.com pays homage to a truly wonderful British fashion icon, and answers the question, what does vintage Sindy get up to these days and what does she wear?

I hope you enjoy sindystyle.com as much as I have creating it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Rachel x

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